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This article was written on 30 Jun 2012, and is filled under events.

Creating NextGen Collaborative Enterprise


Today, workforce is likely to be highly mobile and geographically dispersed in order to be closer to customers, to enable flexible working environments, to reduce real-estate requirements, and to take advantage of global markets. However, being remote from each other can lead to delayed communications – telephone tag, voice messages, or not knowing who is available — leading to reduced productivity and impacting your bottom line. So how can mobile and dispersed workforce communicate and collaborate more easily and productively without incurring vast expenses? How can business run more effectively by removing human latency from business processes?

There is an answer: Unified Communications solutions

Traditionally UC is a presence-enabled communications and collaboration system featuring integrated IP telephony, instant messaging (IM), audio, video, and web conferencing, providing a consistent, unified user quality of experience over any device, anywhere, anytime – whether fixed or mobile – and through multimedia applications for a richer collaborative experience. UC is a stepping stone to Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP) applications which automate the process of communicating to the right person/people based on business process event triggers.!

In recent years, mobility in the enterprise has been all about mobile email, fixed-mobile-convergence and basic applications that could run on smartphones. Although all of these have undoubtedly added value to businesses using them, they have been limited in the way they have extended enterprise applications and data to the mobile workforce.

Today however, we’re seeing new devices, access networks, applications and delivery models coming together to create a perfect storm for true and all-embracing enterprise mobility. Tablets, iPads and large-screen smartphones can now run almost fully functional versions of all enterprise software and services and rely on 3.5 and 4G networks to access the clouds delivering everything in virtualized environments.

This conference will showcase how new devices, operators, mobile applications and cloud computing can now make everything in the enterprise mobile. It will show you how new evolution in technologies and services are revolutionizing the workspace and the concept of enterprise mobility.

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